Our promise

Whichever service you book, we'll match you with one of our team of experts within 12 hours of you sending us the work.


After you send us a copy of your thesis, essay or paper in Word format, one of the expert team will proof-read it section by section, using track changes to mark suggested amendments.

We will then send you back two copies: one with all the track changes included, so you can ensure you agree with the suggestions, and one clean version.


We offer a feedback service for clients who are using qualitative social science methods. Send us a copy of your work in Word format, and we will comment on the structure, methodology and analysis of your piece.

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Video consultations

You can also book an hour-long one-to-one video consultation with one of our qualitative experts. We will also spend an hour before the session reading your material. This service is especially useful for clients who are early on in their research journey, or who are feeling stuck during analysis.

These sessions are also useful for clients in the run up to their viva. While we don't offer mock vivas, we can discuss concerns and questions you have as your exam approaches.

Please note, Johanna's schedule does not allow her time to conduct video consultations, so you will be matched with a member of the team.

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Interview schedule feedback

We are happy to offer feedback on interview schedules, which are so key to gathering rich data. One of our team of experts will look at your schedule and deliver their feedback via a half-hour video consultation.

Formatting service

Are you getting stuck trying to create tables of contents, consistent headings and clickable captions in Word? Then you need our formatting service. We can ensure that your thesis looks great and follows your university's guidelines.

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Transcription service

We now offer a transcription service for qualitative data. We will transcribe your interviews, laying them out according to the typical specifications of your chosen method. So, for example, if you’ve conducted an IPA interview, we will position the text in the centre of the page so there is space for comments on either side, and insert line numbers for you. We include pauses, laughter, sighing, slips of the tongue and so on, so that your data is as accurate as possible, thus enabling rich and detailed analysis.

We can also replace identifying information with, for example [location], [name], [age] and so on if you prefer us to.

Importantly, we guarantee that our transcription is done by humans, rather than using a text to speech app. This ensures the highest security, which is so important for research interviews.

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Conference check package

Are you presenting at a conference soon? Feeling nervous about your slides, presentation style or any questions you might get? PGPR can help. Send us your presentation along with any concerns you have. We will proof-read your slides for you and then arrange a half hour video chat so that you can practice presenting them and we can offer feedback on how to present your excellent research in the best way possible.

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Language check

Many PGPR clients do not have English as their first language. We welcome such clients and are happy to help them. Some of our clients are really new to English and so struggle with writing more than others. We might need to look at these clients’ work twice; once to ensure that we are correctly understanding their meaning and a second time to polish the work. We would charge for both of these rounds of work. If you fall into this category, we will let you know as soon as we can so you can decide if you want to continue working with PGPR.

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Booking a slot

Do get in touch if you’re working on a paper, essay or thesis which needs our attention; we’ll be happy to help. Due to the unpredictable nature of postgrad work, we won’t book you in until your piece is ready to go. This saves you having to work to a deadline which may become challenging if things don’t go according to plan and saves us setting time aside for pieces which may not be ready yet. You’re welcome to get in touch to find out more about our services and tell us about your piece at any time, but we won’t book you in until those words are in place. We will pair you with one of our team of experts within 12 hours of you sending us your work. Good luck with your writing!

How you can pay

PGPR will send you an invoice once your work is booked in. You can either pay via BACS transfer or Stripe. If you're based outside of the UK or using a credit card, let us know and we'll send a Stripe invoice.

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