Proof-reading and feedback (IPA and thematic analysis)

I completed my PhD in health psychology at Birkbeck, University of London, where I was supervised by Professor Jonathan A Smith and used interpretative phenomenological analysis (IPA) to explore the experience of living with and being treated for end-stage renal disease. Since then, I have worked on projects at the universities of Hull, Bristol, Manchester, Portsmouth and UCL, researching topics including adherence to HIV medication and the wellbeing of GPs. I have expertise in qualitative methods, particularly IPA and thematic analysis. I have published a wide range of papers, which you can check out on my Google Scholar Profile. I continue to do academic work as a freelance researcher. In addition, I have worked as a sub-editor and proof-reader for many years. I spent around a decade as a sub-editor in London, working on magazines and newspapers including the Independent and the Radio Times. I am now based in Bristol, where I run PGPR, write fiction and do lots of yoga.


Admin, first port of call

As the part-time front-of-house admin assistant, I am on hand for an hour each morning and afternoon in the PGPR inbox, helping to connect our clients with the proof-reader who most meets their needs. I also send the invoices when the work's been completed and help maintain the systems behind the scenes. If you come to us with a project that needs polishing, I'll likely be your first port of call!

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In 2020 I completed an MA in Creative Writing and Publishing with City, University of London. Since then, I have been working on my first novel (a comedy sci-fi) and editing fiction for US-based sci-fi magazine Utopia.

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Transcription and formatting

I am based in Aotearoa New Zealand and completed my PhD in education at the University of Waikato in 2019. My doctoral research used interpretative phenomenological analysis (IPA) as the methodological framework to explore the lived experiences of students who had been radically accelerated at school and entered university early.

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Proof-reading, feedback , video consultations, formatting (thematic analysis and grounded theory), transcription

In 2009, I completed my BA in philosophy at Heythrop College, University of London. During those ‘early years’ in the world of academia, I developed a love for existentialism, phenomenology and philosophy of mind (which hasn't left me since!). Shortly after graduating, I decided to go straight back to university to complete a conversion MSc programme in psychology at the University of East London.

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Feedback, video consultations (Conversation Analysis and Discursive Psychology), transcription

It wasn't until I was introduced to qualitative methods in my third year of my BSc that I fell in love with research. I now have a BSc in Psychology and Criminology, an MSc in Psychology of Health and Wellbeing, and a PhD in discursive psychology. I have worked as a research assistant on various qualitative projects, including the process evaluation for an NHS mental health trial. I am now working for the Civil Service as a Social Research Analyst.

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Proof-reading, feedback, video consultations, formatting (IPA and thematic analysis)

I took a roundabout route to my role at PGPR. My first degree was in aeronautical and astronautical engineering, after which I worked as an engineer on science spacecraft and communications ground stations. I relocated to California in 2002, which meant I couldn’t work as an engineer, so I decided to pursue my interest in psychology.

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Having taught modern foreign languages in classrooms across Spain, France and the South East of England for a decade, I left teaching in 2017 to try life in the real world. My passion for creative and inclusive education never faltered, and I established an organisation assisting chronically ill children and teenagers in negotiating their schooling.

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I am a grammar nerd, English fanatic and problem-solver. I split my time between proof-reading awesome pieces of research for PGPR and working as a software developer.

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I’m originally from a small village in East Yorkshire, and I moved to York to study for an undergraduate degree in History. I then went to Norwich to complete a master’s degree in the same subject.

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Feedback, video consultations (IPA)

I am a qualitative researcher and project supervisor with over ten years’ experience of using Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA). I was lucky enough to cross paths with Johanna when we were members of the same PhD group supervised by Professor Jonathan Smith at Birkbeck University.

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Proof-reading, transcription

Brought up in the rural idyll of south Somerset by two fearsome grammar pedants who, themselves, had each been brought up by fearsome grammar pedants, I suppose it’s not the most shocking of outcomes that I became a professional proof-reader.

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Business manager

As PGPR’s business manager, I work on the company rather than in it. Marketing, budgeting, accounts, strategies and future plans are all my domain. I mostly stay behind the scenes, but you might hear from me regarding anything which is connected to our work but which isn’t the proof-reading itself. I’m very much the quantitative yin to PGPR’s qualitative yang… and one day I hope to know really and truly what those words actually mean.

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